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Roman Candles

This firework will produce a continuous shower of sparks.

Roman Candles Products

  • Sharp Shooters

    Our Price: £24.99
    RRP: £29.99
    Shots: 5-8 (per candle)
    Duration: 30s (per candle)
    Qty: 6

    High power candles firing 5 to 8 blasts and bursts to over 100ft in the sky.

  • Star Fire

    Our Price: £15.99
    RRP: £24.99
    Shots: (5 per candle)
    Duration: (30s per candle)
    Qty: 4

    Each candle fires 5 vibrant blasts and bursts to over 60ft high in the sky.


  • Calypso Pearls

    Our Price: £5.99
    RRP: £9.99
    Shots: 10 (per candle)
    Duration: 10s (per candle)
    Qty: 5

    Yellow, purple, green, blue and red displays in one pack.



  • Little Deamon

    Our price: £4.99
    RRP: £9.99
    Shots: 150
    Duration: 25 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1

    Lovely continuous effects of 150 red and green stars being juggled.

  • Night Hawk

    Our price: £6.99
    RRP: £9.99
    Shots: 1 (per candle)
    Duration: 12 sec (Approx per candle)
    Quantity: 4 Candles

    Large starbusts, huge crackling palms or beautiful cracking stars from these 4 varied fireworks.

  • Duel In The Dark

    Our price: £22.50
    RRP: £29.99
    Shots: 10
    Duration: 30 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1

    Silver glitter bursting effects, red palms and crackle glitter bursts.

  • Laser Strike

    Our price: £12.50
    RRP: £16.99
    Shots: 1
    Duration: 12 sec (Approx per candle)
    Quantity: 9 Candles

    An exciting alternative to rockets whereby the shot tube launches an effect to 60ft creating starbursts, crackling and palm effects. Ideal for an area where rocket sticks may cause a problem.

  • Mini Pearl

    Our price: £8.99
    RRP: £11.99
    Duration: 20 sec (Approx per candle)
    Quantity: 1

    8 different effects of yellow, green, magneta, silver, purple and blue displays.

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