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This is a continuous shower of sparks followed by projectile erruptions.

Mines Products

  • Buzz Bomb

    Our price: £1.99
    RRP: £5.99
    Shots: 1
    Duration: 25 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1 Mine

    A brilliant ground effect chrysanthemum fountain which leads to a massive aerial burst of crackling coloured stars.

  • Rapture

    Our Price: £2.99
    RRP: £5.99
    Shots: 1
    Duration: 20 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1 Mine

    Starting with a fountain ejecting missiles, to a huge mine burst of blue and red stars with a finale of a red, green crackle.

  • Base Jump

    Our Price: £4.99 
    RRP: £6.99 
    Shots: 6
    Duration: 22 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1Mine                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

    Starting with a fountain ejecting whistles, followed by a huge mine burst of crackling blue and red stars and a finale of red, green and crackle.

  • Amber Fire

    Our price: £5.99
    RRP: £7.99
    Shots: 6
    Duration: 22 sec (Approx)
    Quantity: 1 Mine

    A series of beautiful glitter spreads, crackle, gold or silver mine bursts.

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