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Helium Balloon Gas Rental

Balloonatics Party Shop will only charge you for the amount of gas you use.  The gas cylinders are measured on collection and measured on return, you are then charged accordingly by the amount of'pounds per square inch' (PSI) of gas you use.

Our prices start from £35.00 - price includes 1 weeks free rental of cylinder & regulator with an in store demonstration.

Please Note - Balloonatics will not take responsibility for misuse of gas or popped balloons.


  • Gas rental & Inflating safety guide

    The following points are a guide to cylinder and regulator safety:

    • Never transport cylinder with regulator still connected.
    • Secure cylinder on a flat surface as they are very heavy.
    • Never overtighten the regulator (finger tight only).
    • Never leave gas or regulators in cylinder when not in use.
    • To remove regulator, turn off gas then release pressure.
    • Helium gas is an asphyxia gas - NEVER inhale.


  • Helpful hints

    Helium filled latex balloons inflated to 10 inches, will fly for approx 12 hours.

    • ALWAYS inflate on the day your require them. 
    • Over inflating balloons will cost you more in helium.
    • Under inflating balloons will limit the fly time.
    • Heat will decrease the balloons flying time - store in a cold room.

    Measure your first balloon to the size required and use as a guide for the rest.


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